Crochet Chicken Pattern



Here’s a cute chick pattern I made up last night as a last minute decoration for our Easter table. It’s fast and fun to make. Just three rounds!

Crochet Chick

(This pattern is translated to Swedish and Finnish. Mönster på svenska/Ohje suomeksi)

Round 1: Magic Circle, CH (chain) 3, 15 DC (double crochet, UK treble) into ring, join with a SL ST (slip stitch) in third chain.

Round 2: CH 3, DC in same, make “eye” and “neck stem”: CH 6, SL ST in 5th and 6th chain from hook, SL St also in top of dc.

2 DC in each next 10 sts (stitches).

Make tail: CH 3, SL ST in 3rd chain from hook, 2 SC (single crochet, UK double crochet) around post of last dc.

Round 3: SC in next five sts, 2 SC around next dc post, DC in “neck stem”, 8 DC into four chain ring (the “eye”).

Make the “beak”: CH 3, SL ST in first ch.

3 DC into ring, skip two st, SC in next 8 sts.

Make a leg: CH 6, SL ST in second chain from hook, SL ST in next, CH 3, SL ST in second chain from hook, SL ST in next, CH 3, SL ST in second chain from hook, SL ST in next. SL ST in same stitch as the first sl st. SL ST up the leg, SL ST in sc.

SC in next st, make another leg.

SC in next 9 sts, 2 SC in next, SC in “tail”, SL ST in tip of “tail”. Fasten off.

Weave in ends. Moisten, then fix the shape and let dry.

Use the chick as an applique, or add a hanger and use it as an ornament.

Yesterday I saw the first dandelion! Amazing, considering we had a snowstorm just a few days ago here in southwestern Minnesota.

Before you know it you’ll have dandelions everywhere. Be ready to enjoy their beauty, and to make all the goodies you can make of them: dandelion jelly, syrup, or even wine. For a more immediate gratification, eat the fresh new leaves in your salad, on a sandwich, or eat the flowers! My recipe for deep fried dandelion flowers is here. Why not make a dandelion wreath too!

The other goodie to look for now are the new growth tips on spruce trees, as well as on Douglas Firs, and make a refreshing mead drink.

For more spring ideas, check out Spring Twigs and my Spring board on Pinterest!

UPDATE! I have created another board for DIY spring crafts!

Happy spring crafting!


~ Marina