Dandelion Wreath and Appetizer!

This week I’ve been collecting dandelions, spruce shoots, stinging nettles and ground elder. My first wild harvest this year!

Two years ago I wrote about fried dandelion flowers. Unfortunately I had to remove that recipe because I lost the photos due to unfortunate events. Today I made them again and I remembered to take photos, and repost the recipes.

This is what I wrote two years ago:

“The other day my husband Kal was working in the yard. The weather was gorgeous and sunny and I went down to our food garden to see what Kal was up to.

On my way I admired all the beautiful yellow dandelions that had just begun to bloom. Anna and I were already planning on picking them to see how they tasted fried, and they looked just about ready to eat!

You can imagine my shock and horror when I passed the old stone wall in our yard and was welcomed with the sight of my husband whacking and uprooting dandelions with a determined look on his face.

“Wait!” I shrieked.

I ran back to the house and fetched a basket, and before my husband could uproot them all I picked as many dandelion blooms as I could. Anna and I tested several recipes for fried dandelion blooms that we found online, but they were all disappointing.

Good, but not good enough.

But I wanted dandelion blooms to taste heavenly, and so I whipped up my secret weapon: my Magic Fritter Batter. It’s guaranteed to get even the most picky eaters devouring your food, and it’s perfect for summer.

We tried it on the dandelions, and like I said: magic! They turned out delicious and had a soft, chewy texture and a nice crunchy crust. We ate them alongside some deep fried onions using the same batter, and the crispy, sweet onion rings complimented the dandelions perfectly.”


While I picked the dandelions, I decided to make a wreath.

A lady who used to babysit me taught me to makes these when I was just 5 years old.

The flowers do not stay fresh for long, but it’s a fun thing to do while spending time among dandelions. And a little girl or boy will be very happy to wear it!

You can use other flowers and leaves with this same technique.




Have fun with the dandelions!


Update May, 31, 2013

Here’s an old photo of my brother and me, having fun with our trikes and dandelion crowns … =)

Biking 2