Oh, Christmas Tree …

Here’s an idea for a cute, easy and fast last minute Christmas decoration. Hang it in your tree or use it as a name tag or make a bunch for a garland or mobile.

This is how to do it:
You need a round piece of paper. Any size will work. Easiest way to do this is to place a round object like a plate onto your paper and trace around it. You can use any kind of paper, even pages from an old book or music sheets. You can add gold and glitter and other decorations to it.

Cut the circle out. Fold it in half. Cut along the folded line. You now have two perfect half circles.

Fold one half circle three times by following these steps:

First, fold a third of the length of the straight edge along that edge, you can start from either left or right:

Second, take the straight edge of the folded piece and bend it flush with the previous fold:

Third, turn the whole paper over and bend the folded edge flush with the straight edge:

There you have hit. A Christmas tree!

Add a drop of glue or a piece of folded tape between the layers if you want it to stay more flat, and add a cord for a hanger or glue the tree on a bamboo stick and place it in a flower pot. The nutcracker stole mine …

Merry Christmas!