It was a busy summer!

Oh my! It’s fall already!

Not that you can see or feel it yet. Here in southwestern Minnesota it’s still sunny and warm and the leaves are just starting to change color.

But, where did this summer go? When I read my post from May 14th, I realized I didn’t have time to tackle even half of my craft projects.

But then again, I did do a lot of other things. A lot!

The busy streak started just two days after I returned to Finland in May. I needed to quickly whip up some knit/crochet creations for our knitting circle’s exhibition at the local library, because I didn’t bring with me the things I had made during the winter in Maine. I managed to get some freeform crochet made, and the momentum from that day just kept growing over the summer.

snovej freeform cuff

The one crafting venture I’m most proud of is getting a new knitting circle going. The ladies meet once or twice a week at a homey little cafe in our village. They have bonded and are now helping each other out. Without a leader, but just a contact person. Just the way I wanted.

When I announced the new knitting circle, I also made a yarn bomb and knit in public at a local summer fair. All in one day!

The local papers got interested in yarn bombing and freeform crochet. One of them wrote about my doings on two full pages! =)

The headline says “A soft revolution with scrap yarn and a hook”.


The projects I’m most happy about are the sewing sessions with my two youngest daughters. First, Anna came from Wales and wanted me to teach her to sew. I showed her how to make simple tote bags that she needed for a guest post on how to embellish bags in three different ways. Then we made another, smaller, bag in another way. She wrote about that on her own blog, Crafting Fingers. Then she made more bags!

Second, Emma and I made a small quilt. I bought the fabrics for her birthday in March and at the end of summer we managed to take time off and make it together. That was the actual gift, making something together. Now she can look at the quilt and remember that fun and crazy day!

The same day Anna arrived, Maria came with Dexter from Maine. Three of four daughters, and one of two grandsons, at our house! Almost a family reunion! Little Dexter got to meet his grandpa and  the great grandparents, and so many more, including my sister and her family who visited from Maryland.


I also managed to do my job, cooking for Kal’s Specialty Foods. I’ve cooked loads of jams and jellies, pepper jellies, garlic jelly, horseradish jelly, salsas, sauces, marinated peppers and marinated garlic, and sold them at local markets and events all through the summer! Now we have delivered our first wholesale orders to local stores!

This is a little something my husband Kal and I used to do a long time ago in Maine. Now we’ve started doing it in Finland, and the Finns love it too!


I’ve also been busy writing patterns and tutorials. And crocheting! The other day I made this cute little crown applique. It’s designed by Sarah London  to commemorate the birth of prince George Alexander

Louis. It’s a free pattern, published on her site.

After a few weeks in Maine I am now in Minnesota visiting Charlotte, my oldest daughter and Lars, her 18 month old son.

Heaven knows, I soon might have to return to stirring my cauldron in Finland …


Happy Fall!

~ Marina

P.S. The photo on top shows a crochet mandala shawl I’m working on.