I’m a bag lady

Two homes. That’s what I have now. Two weeks ago I left home and came home to where my Craftroom is.

Since I came here I’ve been seriously jet lagged! Up all nights, sleeping at weird times, not even knowing when I was supposed to eat!

During this time I’ve been digging in the Craftroom. All my precious findings! It’s mostly trash actually. But I love all of it.

All the bits and pieces of fabrics and yarns, buttons and ribbons and whatnots just waiting to be transformed into something new and exciting. All the pretty candy wrappers, old books and papers, empty cans and wire hangers, burned out light bulbs and old pieces of wood … and so much more!

I love the pieces of my daughter’s old chair seen below. The worn blue color speaks to me …


It’s no surprise the Craftroom is the biggest room in our house. It’s supposed to be the great room or sitting room for entertaining. So I entertain myself! I love the big space for my projects. I love the big windows and the big table. But I think I need a bigger room soon! Because there’s no space for the looms …

Normally you would find a nice item or pattern in a magazine, book or the store. Then you would go out to find the material and tools to do it. For me it’s the other way round, the material finds me! I find something that gets my attention, it’s almost as if it speaks to me. “Take me home! Make me pretty! Love me!” So I add it to my collections, not yet knowing what it will become and what other pieces I might find to go with it. No wonder I have so much stuff!

Most people have it easier, by limiting their “doings” to one or two craft categories, like knitting or scrapbooking, but I seem to be drawn to most all kinds of crafting. Maybe because so many potential materials “speak” to me …

Sigh! I must be a bag lady in disguise! Thank heaven, my husband is a very understanding man. He might shake his head, but he’s not complaining! As long as his dinner is done …

I have to admit though, I’m not as jet lagged as I’ve been pretending. I’ve used it as a very good excuse to hide in the Craftroom, playing with my treasures, instead of cleaning the house!

I found this funny Keep Calm fabric in Mariner’s Compass, a quilt store in Bath, Maine. It spoke to me too … =)

Anyway, I have two months to use up my materials and clean out the room, before the big family reunion this summer. I better get busy!

~ Marina