Granny Squares Again!

My grandson was born yesterday! He’s gorgeous!

I’m a granny times two now. Or “Mommo” as we say in Finland-Swedish. It’s a nickname for mormor, which means mother’s mother.
I’m at my daughter’s, caring for the dogs and the cat, eagerly waiting for the family to come home.

So, yesterday we had a funny “history-repeats-itself” moment.

I’ve been here for a while now, to help her out with various tasks as I did for her sister. I’ve also been knitting and crocheting all kinds of things. Then it hit me I never made an afghan for the new baby. Off I went to the yarn store! In the evening I started crocheting as I semi-watched some comedies on Netflix. As I was about to finish the last row, at 2am, my daughter came to me saying it was time!
Déjà vu!

The same thing happened when my first grandson was born some nine months ago! Then too, my older daughter came to me just as I was to finish the afghan I made for her baby.

Baby blanky magic?!!

The afghan I made is just one big granny square in three colors; lime green, bright blue and orange. My daughter chose these colors for the nursery and I think the bright colors pep up the black seat.

I used Lamb’s Pride worsted wool/ mohair yarn and a big crochet hook, size J/6mm.
I wanted to make it about 30”x30” to fit nicely in the car seat. I only had yarn to make it 28”x28”, but it’s still a good fit.
I have a Granny Square blanket for sale on Etsy. It’s made in one color of a soft, beautiful, natural brown wool yarn, with a tan edge.
I also like the natural texture, softness and chunkiness of Lamb’s Pride wool. I’m going to use this yarn for the next Etsy blanket!

~ Marina