Small Granny Square Heart

Granny Heart

This is my favorite granny heart! It’s an old pattern that I learned to make as a child. In the more conventional granny heart the arches are made in the chain spaces between the double crochet clusters. This one has them higher up, making the heart taller. See photo for comparison:

The heart to the left is made by this pattern, the one to the right is made the conventional way. The only difference in the patterns is a short row of slip stitches and the new loops, but the difference in height and shape is noticeable!


You can use any yarn of your choice, and a crochet hook that fits the yarn. The finer the yarn and the smaller the hook, the smaller the heart becomes.

The gray heart in the top photo, made with wool yarn and a hook 3.5 mm, is 4 ½” wide.


US terminology
CH chain, SL.ST slip stitch, DC double crochet, TR treble crochet

Step 1

CH 6, join with a SL.ST in first chain to make a ring. CH 2, make 2 DC around ring, CH 2, *3 DC around ring, CH 2 *, repeat *-* until you have four dc clusters. Join with SL.ST in top of  first ch2.

Step 2

SL.ST to next ch2-space, CH 2, 2 DC around ch2-space, CH 2, 3 DC in same ch2-space, CH 2, * 3 DC in next ch2-space, CH 2, 3 DC in same ch2-space, CH 2*, repeat *-* all around, join with SL.ST in top of first ch2.

Step 3

CH 6, TURN, join with SL.ST in dc, SL.ST over dc-cluster, ch2-space, and next dc-cluster, CH 6, SL.ST in next dc, CH 3, SL.ST in ch2-space. TURN, make 15 TR in ch6-space, SL.ST in next ch2-space, make 16 TR in next ch6-space, SL.ST in next ch2-space.

Step 4

SC all around the heart, adding one sc in the bottom tip, and skipping one in the dip on top. SL.ST in first sc.

You can also make a picot edge, or make a reverse sc (crab stitch) for a cord-like edge. The gray and the light pink heart in the top photo have a crab stitch edge.

Cut yarn and weave in ends. Add a hanger if you wish.

You may want to finish the heart by blocking it. Dip in water, or spray water on it, shape it and finger press it onto a towel. Leave to dry.

Or, you may want to stiffen it. Use bought starch, or make your own, or use a glue wash (like I did with my crocheted snowflakes)

Here’s a link to my other crocheted hearts!

Have a heartfelt day!