Freeform Crochet Spiral Scrumble

For Thanksgiving last year I posted a photo of a scrumble I had been working on. Having thoughts of gratitude, harvest, and other related things, I realized my scrumble looked like a funky turkey head!

The scrumble is made using my two color spiral pattern, a “wing” pattern, and ridges made with reverse single crochet, a.k.a. Crab Stitch. The wing pattern can also be considered a leaf pattern.

Use any suitable yarn and a crochet hook that fits. I’m using three colors. You can use just one or several.

This is freeform crochet. Feel free to change it any way you want!


(US terminology)

st, sts stitch, stitches
CH chain
SC single crochet
HDC half double crochet
DC double crochet
TR treble crochet
SL ST slip stitch

Step 1

Start with the two color spiral. Click here for the pattern. Make the stitches in the back loops. Bring both colors flush with each other. Do not cut yarns! But you may weave in the starting tails to get them out of your way.

Step 2

The Wing

Continue with the lower (inner) color (orange). CH 2, SL ST in same st as the last two dc.

Continue working in the back loops of the white spiral.

Wing: SC, HDC, DC, 2 DC, DC, 2 TR, TR, in the next 7 sts. Pull loop bigger, remove hook. Do not cut yarn!

Step 3

Attach yarn of a third color (green) to the first chain of ch2.  CH 1, make a wing in the back loops of the orange wing. Pull the loop bigger, remove hook. Do not cut yarn!

Step 4

With the first color (white), make a wing, starting in the backloop of the first green st. Pull the loop bigger, remove hook. Do not cut yarn!

Step 5

The Ridges

The ridges can be made to spiral in different ways. The normal way would be for each color to go back on its on loops, but here we have a third color that doesn’t reach the center of the spiral. I wanted it to go there, therefore I adjusted the paths for the ridges. In the photo above I marked the paths with little dots.

With each color: CH 1, then reverse single crochet (crab stitch) to the center of the spiral. Make the stitches first through both loops, then in the vacant front loops inside of the spiral. Go all the way to the center, CH 1, cut yarn and pull through. Pull the tail through the center hole to the back.

I started with the orange. When I reached the spiral, I jumped down to the white front loops.

With the green yarn I followed the path of the orange front loops.

With the white yarn I followed a “path” under the orange ridge, making the stitches through the dc posts.

Reverse SC: CH 1, insert the hook under the loops of the stitch to the right, yarn over, pull through, yarn over, pull through both loops on hook. Continue without the ch1.

It’s a bit confusing to insert the hook to the wrong side. If you rotate the hook and insert it with the hook facing down, it works smoothly. Just practise a bit and it’ll work. Promise!

All done!

This piece can be incorporated in a bigger ensemble, or you can use the special stitches anyway you wish.


~ Marina

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